Principle of MetaSystem Dynamics

Image by brewbooks via Flickr

Ahh, Sunday.  The day of relaxing rest, the day where I spend time reading, drinking coffee, playing with my children, spending quality time with my wife.

Pure bliss, sans the ignorance.

I read the news this morning, unsurprised there is none– save new renditions on the same stories over-reported and under-investigated.  Politicians and Pontiffs– screaming and speaking somberly– never letting a good tragedy go to waste.

For a bunch of lawyers and politicians it’s always amazing how they realize a Hinduesque spiritual truth– that nothing is bad and everything can be used as a stepping stone to growth, (although they mean growth of power and influence, not spiritual, but why pick on subtleties!)

My wife, ever charming and ambitious, suddenly suggests that I should explore the recesses of my resent reawakening for a semblance of a story, a novel novel, or some such literary undertaking.

Imagine my mind, like a newborn’s eyes, just beginning to open– blinded by the lights surrounding it and overcome by the amount of information thrust into its consciousness.  Now, fully remembering a past life but unable or unwilling to recognizably rebuild it, only able to lay a copied cornerstone of a former conscience– is now being requested to recite that which has yet to be!

How does one begin to speak from a mind imperceptible and nonexistent when the existing mind is not yet fully functioning in its new life?  How does one form a second without fully forming a first?

A tall order, I guess, but it reminds me of the absolute faith my wife has in me, and although uninspiring in itself to me; it spurs my own social growth, prods my political points, and moves me back down below the dogs of society and into my recently revived home.

I am no longer feeling blissful, but I feel full– complete.

Oh where to start a journey that has no beginning?

Who can I send-out into a wondrous world that has yet to be fully formed?

I feel a draft coming in.