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You are driving in your car, music is playing but not blasting. The sun is shining and so is the red light ahead of you.  You need to turn left- get in the lane and put on your turn signal.

Is any of this familiar to you?

The car ahead of you in queue is waiting too.  His turn signal flashes in a different pace, soon you notice when yours is on, his is off and vice versa.  Then suddenly, without warning- for one glorious second you are both in sync.  Synchronized. Together.  Then just as quickly, it ends.

We, as people, are a lot like turn signals- rarely are two people ever in sync, and when they are it is only for a short period of time until it all falls apart.  Also, we are almost never fully or properly utilized to our full potential, and never taken into use when we don’t think anyone is watching, or can see.

We can give the world a clear signal of our direction, but seldom do, and more often than not signal far too late to allow those around us to help us in our chosen path, or find ways around us- to help them or keep from smashing into us and leave screaming profanities through the tiny windows we leave open to the outside world that surrounds us.

I’m exhausted.

My wife and I had another moment of synchronicity.  We both agreed that the hoe-made tattoo on her left arm had to go.  We went to the local shop where we get all of our body adornments.  She knew what she wanted before we left the house, I on the other hand, was more cautious.  Despite our thoughts going in different directions, we still arrived at the same destination and our signals synchronized again.

The art is beautiful.  The natural asymmetrical symmetry is there as well as a well-defined axis from inner wrist to outer elbow- the shading bringing depth to the flat surface of her soft arm.

Nothing in this world could make my wife more beautiful to me, but her new tattoo certainly doesn’t hurt.

See, in the private lives my spouse and I share together; it doesn’t matter if we forget to use our turn signals or put them on too late, because no matter what happens on the road of life, we both know we are headed in the same direction.


Is it drafty in here?

Principle of MetaSystem Dynamics

Image by brewbooks via Flickr

Ahh, Sunday.  The day of relaxing rest, the day where I spend time reading, drinking coffee, playing with my children, spending quality time with my wife.

Pure bliss, sans the ignorance.

I read the news this morning, unsurprised there is none– save new renditions on the same stories over-reported and under-investigated.  Politicians and Pontiffs– screaming and speaking somberly– never letting a good tragedy go to waste.

For a bunch of lawyers and politicians it’s always amazing how they realize a Hinduesque spiritual truth– that nothing is bad and everything can be used as a stepping stone to growth, (although they mean growth of power and influence, not spiritual, but why pick on subtleties!)

My wife, ever charming and ambitious, suddenly suggests that I should explore the recesses of my resent reawakening for a semblance of a story, a novel novel, or some such literary undertaking.

Imagine my mind, like a newborn’s eyes, just beginning to open– blinded by the lights surrounding it and overcome by the amount of information thrust into its consciousness.  Now, fully remembering a past life but unable or unwilling to recognizably rebuild it, only able to lay a copied cornerstone of a former conscience– is now being requested to recite that which has yet to be!

How does one begin to speak from a mind imperceptible and nonexistent when the existing mind is not yet fully functioning in its new life?  How does one form a second without fully forming a first?

A tall order, I guess, but it reminds me of the absolute faith my wife has in me, and although uninspiring in itself to me; it spurs my own social growth, prods my political points, and moves me back down below the dogs of society and into my recently revived home.

I am no longer feeling blissful, but I feel full– complete.

Oh where to start a journey that has no beginning?

Who can I send-out into a wondrous world that has yet to be fully formed?

I feel a draft coming in.

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