You are driving in your car, music is playing but not blasting. The sun is shining and so is the red light ahead of you.  You need to turn left- get in the lane and put on your turn signal.

Is any of this familiar to you?

The car ahead of you in queue is waiting too.  His turn signal flashes in a different pace, soon you notice when yours is on, his is off and vice versa.  Then suddenly, without warning- for one glorious second you are both in sync.  Synchronized. Together.  Then just as quickly, it ends.

We, as people, are a lot like turn signals- rarely are two people ever in sync, and when they are it is only for a short period of time until it all falls apart.  Also, we are almost never fully or properly utilized to our full potential, and never taken into use when we don’t think anyone is watching, or can see.

We can give the world a clear signal of our direction, but seldom do, and more often than not signal far too late to allow those around us to help us in our chosen path, or find ways around us- to help them or keep from smashing into us and leave screaming profanities through the tiny windows we leave open to the outside world that surrounds us.

I’m exhausted.

My wife and I had another moment of synchronicity.  We both agreed that the hoe-made tattoo on her left arm had to go.  We went to the local shop where we get all of our body adornments.  She knew what she wanted before we left the house, I on the other hand, was more cautious.  Despite our thoughts going in different directions, we still arrived at the same destination and our signals synchronized again.

The art is beautiful.  The natural asymmetrical symmetry is there as well as a well-defined axis from inner wrist to outer elbow- the shading bringing depth to the flat surface of her soft arm.

Nothing in this world could make my wife more beautiful to me, but her new tattoo certainly doesn’t hurt.

See, in the private lives my spouse and I share together; it doesn’t matter if we forget to use our turn signals or put them on too late, because no matter what happens on the road of life, we both know we are headed in the same direction.