Sorry, I’ve been both busy and tired these last couple of days. It seems the muse of amusement has temporarily left me without the energy level to express myself or the guidance to attain the level I require of my musings.

The days have been kinder to me then the last time I wrote you, see here, if you don’t know and wish to.  Still, I have been so lethargic as of late and can’t seem to muster the energy to sit and write, which is why I have taken to writing in bed without putting forth the effort into proof reading (hence the unusually inordinate amount of errors).

Because this blog is as pointless as the eraser end of a broken pencil, I am of the opinion that I should end this charade of story before I start delving into my personal fantasies that involve eight foot tall midgets wearing orange leotards (or are they unitards?) And because, in this blog, my opinion is the only one that counts…

Good night cruel world.