First and foremost: sorry.  I have been a very neglectful blog-host these last two weeks.  The world was full of pressing issues, and I brought none to press.  I know, I am a disgrace.  I have not had the time, energy, nor motivation to sit-down and write with the same passion and on the burning issues you have come to expect, and I had demanded from myself.

My Formal Apology

(Please check-off as needed.)

I’m just going to take a quick moment (versus a long moment) to fill you in on my current excuses for my failure to keep up this poor excuses for a web-log.

1. I am trying to write a short-story.  I am currently on chapter five and it is looking less and less short.

2. I am trying to help my son with his spelling.  He has been having a little trouble, so I am trying to do the right thing.

3. The boys have been sick the last few days.  Vomit and coughing fits don’t inspire much blogging.

4. My wife, whom I love endlessly, is being a total… forget that one, she reads this…

5. My sleeping patterns have been greatly disturbed, leaving my with a smaller amount of energy to devote to the upkeep of what you are reading.

6. I have taken on a couple of new schemes.  In addition to writing for fun, I am now writing for marketing, for advertising, for cash.  If you need it written and you have money, I am the man to speak with.

7. My mother is having some personal issues, and it is effecting me as far as my energy, time, and ability to concentrate. Don’t ask, because I will not tell.

8. I waste what little time and energy I have to writing a stupid list that deigns to feign being a blog in hopes that my few readers don’t notice I abandoned them.

9. I waste more time trying to stretch the aforementioned 5 thing list into ten, because lists of ten look more official.

10. I have been doing more “research” online via stumble, because with everything that is going on in my personal and professional life, I have been choosing random oddities and obscure trivia to actual writing and reality.

Had enough of my crap excuses?

I promise you, dear reader, that soon (being a general and relative term) I will sit down and write a proper blog in the format and with the issues you have come to expect from this virtual-electronic waste-bin.