Over the last twenty-four hours I have run an experiment with you, the world, and have reached a startling conclusion:  I am not startled by the outcome at all.

I, quite obviously, posted a link on the side of my blog that states, “Don’t click here”.  In one day, over a dozen denizens of this deep micro-chasm clicked on it.

I am not joking.

While the cynic in me is not surprised at this at all, I am left with one problem: what to make of my unsurprising findings.  Should I rejoice that humanity refused to be boxed-in (please note that over a dozen is damn near everyone so far today,) that we, as a community, decided some inanimate button wouldn’t tell us how to act?

Should I be horrified that my life and musings attract people that can’t follow simple instructions?  Should I be elated that my musings attract people who refuse to be artificially contained?

Should I just feel like a total loser and jack-ass for running this experiment in the first place?  (Remember, experiments not only bring answers, but also pose questions of the examiners!)

All of that aside, I have decided that I will not take down the button.  I will leave it as a reminder to myself that following orders is not always necessary (or advisable), that following your curiosity can lead to new places, new ideas, or to disaster- but you don’t know unless you try.  Finally, I will leave it up there to constantly remind myself that, yes, I truly am an idiot and an ass.