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Zelda, Starkiller, and Life

The Legend of Zelda (video game)

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I’ve been doing a lot of video game playing, watching and listening to over this long weekend.

Multiplayer style games online are one of my favorites.  Using a hidden blade to slash the throat of an opposing thief,  then disappearing into a crowd has something viscerally satisfying about it, I won’t lie to you.  It gives you a certain unreal relief to be able to vicariously live out a vicarious life of a programmer/director/writer you will never meet.

That kind of play- against a real living person, but with enough levels in between (pun not intended) to keep you separated mentally, emotionally, and morally is a great source of fun.

That’s not what this blog is about.

First off, happy 25th birthday Zelda and Link.  How old do you feel reading that?  Legend of Zelda is a quarter of a century old.  Two and one half decades.  How old were you when you started playing Zelda?  Have you stopped?  Did you buy the new ones?

My life can be mirrored with Zelda.  I’m not sure if the likeness struck me of its own accord, or if it was inspired by this recent freshly pressed, but any way you slice it, my mind made some connections.

Back in the days of the original Zelda, both of us (the game and I) were much simpler.  Easy to control and manipulate, but full of secrets and fantasy.  Together, we grew older together.  We got more mobile .  By 1993 I started making my own way discovering my little corner of the world, out and about one might say – it was the same year she went mobile.   By 2006 my life had changed considerably.  I was married and was raising two children, living my party life virtually and trying to get a grip on a whole new way of controlling my life.   It was also the year Hyrule first made its appearance on the Wii console.

Enough about that, onto my next side spur.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is one of my favorite games to play at this point, and the DLC (DownLoadable Content) including the side story of the Battle for Endor, was as beautiful as it was fun and thought-provoking.

In this episode you continue to play as the apprentice to Darth Vader.  For those of you not familiar with the original Star Wars movie with the Endor battle, please find it and watch it.  Go on, I’ll wait.

In this video game version of it you end-up killing scores of stormtroopers and ewoks before an epic battle with the infamous wookie, Chewbacca (Chewy.)  After beating the crap out of the Eugene Levy look-alike winner, his best human buddy, Capt. Han Solo, tries to save his furry friend by firing at your character.  He ends-up killing Chewy instead.  You then force grip Solo and run him through.  Now, race into the base and face Princess Leia.  There is a passionate fight, in which she tells you Luke died in the battle at Hoth.  You quickly find out that she is no match for you and you toy with her like a cat bats around a dying mouse before thrusting your light saber into her chest, then take time to meditate, Jedi style, over her dead body before arising to kill the team sent to “take care” of you.  Cut to black, cue credits.

Now, you might ask what that has to do with this blog?

Simple, I spurred me into wondering how things would be different in my life without certain people, and how it would change if others were introduced into my life.  I came to one conclusion.

For all my hopes and dreams, for all my what ifs, wish I could’ves, wish I knews, if I could just changes, I love who I am.  I love my family, and given the chance, I wouldn’t change one single thing because nothing is worth risking the life I have now over something that has been and been forgotten.

Love your life as it is, and never dwell on the past.  It seems cliché, I know, but in my short time on this Earth, I have already forgotten more in the past then I will probably do in the future.

Chaotic systems display sensitivity to initial...

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I implore you world of rules and chaos, let me start this off right, give me the strength to remember what I wish to express… I love religion.  I love religious people.  I am at most a Discordian and at the least, I am atheist.

Let me attempt to explain this enigma.

To me, nothing is greater is this world then hearing a true Christian (simply because it is the religion I am most familiar with) speak and act in a way that exemplifies all of the wondrous things religion would like us to do.  To see someone act in a way towards others that could be referred to as being the mark of a good religious and moralistic  person.  It brings me tremendous hope and unfathomable joy to see that it can happen, that these people do exist, if only for that split second on the sidewalk.  It gives me hope that I may be wrong…

Normally, I am proven right again in less then a minute, but for that short period of time I know there is an ethereal paradise and I just got a glimmer of it.

As I have stated, I am not a religious person- but do these moments make me a spiritual one?  Do these glimpses of the divine give me headway into the rooms of God?  How is it that a standard hot-dog, complete with bun, eaten on Good Friday, could screw with every major religion whilst calamities prove existence?

Sorry, that last question doesn’t belong there.

Enough of the nonsense, incense and peppermints– I have been feeling aloof again.  I know- so quick to fall.  I blame it mostly on pure exhaustion.  I am a larger guy and did not get my portly pot-belly swallowing air, but for the first time I am having trouble finishing the portions provided.  Maybe my condition is a combination of exhaustion, excitement, and coldness.  This wild winter weather has been bitter.

Sorry, that last paragraph doesn’t belong there.

Assuming I am right (which I have to because I find it impossible to function otherwise,) there is no God, but possibly a goddess of chaos.  I assume this because if all I have learned about religion is right, then the only being who could be in control of this abysmal abomination we collectively call society, is a being who intrinsically lacks control.

It is possible that my mind won’t let me follow something it does not believe can exists in this world?  But if that is true, then I could never account for my absolute love of time and fascination with clocks, watches, sun-dials, calenders, ect. for time does not and cannot exist- it is something we, as a group, invented to bring about order from mother chaos.  Does that the same work as an explanation for religion? For government?  For Reader’s Digest?

Sorry, that last writer doesn’t belong here.

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